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We are a tech shop mainly focused on providing the best gaming experience for you. If you are having trouble building a pc or not sure on what piece of equipment you would like to buy we are here to help, after all we are all gamers here. 😎

Games that we currently play

These are few games that we ae playing at the moment and maybe in the future we will post some tips on them.


Our Mission

To help our fellow gamers in their passion  


Meet our people

So ye, this is me ahahahahah just kidding ya all, i wish i was Deadpool but still this is my favourite character. About me I guess, I love marvel, I love playing games (survival and fps) and uhmmm  movies, i really love good action or horror movies.


Ammmm, what can i say, I am the BOSS around here hehehe. 🧐


Just a regular gamer that plays mostly RPG games (Skyrim, Days Gone, Resident Evil and Dead Space).

Ohh, yee, I′m the guy who screws the pictures up. cool

Photo Editor

As my title suggests, I edit videos and whatnot. I also might write some reviews/blogs from time to time, usually about video games. Stay motivated.

Video editor


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